Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Microwave Meals, Gravy Wrestling, and Thenks to Everyone for Reading This

I know that you have heard some backlash against microwave ovens. They don't cook evenly. They spread dangerous microwaves that can cause all manner of illnesses. Let me share that we DO still have a microwave, and we DO still use it almost daily. If it is going to kill me, I'll be able to cook and eat that many more meals before I go. Anyway, my point is that I found an article sharing a bunch of recipes that can be made using only a mug and your microwave. Curious? It includes goodies such as Blueberry Muffin Mug Cake, Almond Berry Breakfast Mug, and Microwavable Mug Pizza. Go look. If even one of these recipes works for you, then it was time well spent.

Hey, is My Better Half upset? I think so. I'm sure she is telling her nephew, "You ate the last Oreo? Get outta here."

Here is my niece giving us a lesson in dance. "No, it really is this simple to do Jazz Hands. You let your arms hang at your side and point your fingers outward. Be sure you have on a hat so you can lift it and flip it around later in the dance."

"Can I wear THIS hat to do my Jazz Hands?"

This photo was cute. Cats DO feel like they own the house and people, don't they?

I missed it. You probably did, too. August 29 was the World Gravy Wrestling Championships in the UK. It must be a real thing because there is a referee in the gravy with them.

I found this great idea for a tattoo if you are looking to get inked. Will I get one? No, thenks.

I think this proves that the truck owner is a loving and caring parent who always makes sure his child is strapped safely in a car seat. What do YOU think?

In the devotional that the director read at Chorale practice last night, it triggered a thought that I wanted to share with you today. I considered writing it down, but knew that I would remember. Of course, you know what I am going to say next. You are correct. I forgot both what he read and what I had to say. Write it down, people. Taking 30 seconds last night would have let me share possibly life-changing advice to you today.

As you know, time keeps on slipping into the future. Before mine runs out for today's post, let me share the photos from the dude that inserts himself into stock photos. This one is again technically well done, and I like the absurdity of it. He even altered the background in a totally original way. And the drawings on the wall have well-done shadows behind them.

Super busy, important stuff happening today... well, for me, anyway. I hope that whatever busy, important stuff you are doing goes well. have a Wonderful Wednesday.

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Keith said...

I'm loving the stock photo revisions!