Thursday, May 01, 2014

It's Shocking! Proceed At Your Own Risk!

Let's go ahead and get the shocking news over with. Be warned, though. I think you would not believe this if it wasn't in print. Pro wrestling (WWE) is... wait for it... scripted! That's right. Offhand comments, outcomes of the fights. surprise offscreen attacks. All of it. Don't believe me (and I wouldn't blame you, btw)? You can read about it and see a couple of pages here.

Yesterday, did I mention we had a big project installation planned? It was for a project that has been going on for more than 18 months. Finally, we got the vendor on a call and started the install. Notice I said "started". We crashed and burned when testing showed a problem. Now, we have to wait and reengage AT&T to find the issue. Is it the application? The T1 phone lines? A hardware configuration problem? Hopefully, we will find out tomorrow morning.

Did I mention I have a new Clarity of Vision for you? It has to do with today being May Day.

Almost Human on Fox, RIP. It has been cancelled. Warehouse 13 on Syfy is already in it's final season. We should know the fate of the rest of my shows from 2014 within the next two weeks. And do you watch The Walking Dead? If you do, you will really like this Save the Date video from a couple based on the opening credits.

This woman is NOT a vegan, or vegetarian, and she is proud of it. Hey, everyone has to make their own eating and health choices.

Will you go see A Hard Days Night in the theaters? I suspect I will not, although most every movie is better when it is on the big screen.

I read this and realized my wife was sleeping with someone else JUST THIS MORNING!

I have been doing some work, and just remembered I had not closed and published today's blog post. here. Consider it closed and, since you are reading it, you know I published it. Have a tremendous Thursday.

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