Wednesday, May 07, 2014

It's a Good Post, Pilgrim

There are some limitations on the tool I use to create my daily Clarity of Vision. I am limited in features I can add to a character, and I cannot import photos or screenshots or non-tool-generated shapes. So, for today's CoV, I had to use Photoshop. I wanted to see about remakes of old movies updated to modern themes. Who better to start with than The Duke himself.

There are some cool dudes who are focused on recovering photos of the moon from the mid-1960s. They work in a building that used to be a McDonalds. You can see a couple of the shots and read the story here.

It seems it is fast or famine when I look for interesting interweb links to share with y'all. I found quite a few yesterday, but today, it is definitely famine. Where did all the fun stuff go? Oh, wait a minute. I did not check Yahoo! yet. Hold, please.

I found one that says wine isn't vegan, or even vegetarian. Did you know that? Do you care? It certainly won't affect me much.

All this time, I thought it was safe to store Cheetos in the pantry, where even my grandchildren could reach them. It is lucky that no Target Security people came by. There is no telling how they would have reacted. They keep theirs under lock and key.

I wonder what is going on? The two soon-to-be-gone team members who normally are here when I arrive are noticeably absent. Maybe they are just giving me a taste of what it will feel like in July when they are gone. Wow, it is quiet in here.

OK, I am blabbing and you are nodding off. Go get your coffee (do you look like yesterday's CoV?) and we will talk again soon.

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