Thursday, May 15, 2014

And Then, There Were None

This is a pretty good season for Survivor. I certainly hope Tony doesn't win, though.

I know someone who is NOT winning right now. Me in the MBA program. I think I need to talk to an advisor today. I have two problems. One, there is always the chance that the company will outsource my team. There are no plans to...right now. Of course, there were no plans for the team currently being outsourced four months ago, either. Two, as the PM for the project mentioned about, I have gone from 45 hours per week to around 60, eating up the extra time I had planned to spend on my coursework. I think I want to at least delay this first class. Three (OK, I know I said two problems, but another one just occurred to me), the school requires that the first two courses overlap, meaning that in two weeks, I will have my project + classwork for course 1 + classwork for course 2. BTW, today's title is about me possibly withdrawing from this course.

Yes, of course I am praying about my decision. I just feel overburdened and find I am enjoying both the job and the degree program less.

Regardless of what I decide, I plan for Clarity of Vision to continue. Wait, did I just hear someone groan because of that announcement? Too bad. In fact, here's today's comic. It may seem this is related, but I saw that story yesterday, and designed this comic last week. So there.

Ever wonder where the most photographed places in the world are? No? I don't really care, since I am going to share this link that tells you that answer. My neighborhood did not make the cut (surprisingly).

Yesterday, I stopped adding links to the post because I just ran out of time. Today, I cannot find a single one. OK, yes, I found two, but no others. What a drag. I bring everyone down with my pondering about holding off on schooling, and have nothing to get you back up (except my always hilarious CoV).

When that happens, it is time to cut my losses and let us return to our regularly scheduled lives, already in progress. Have a Terrific Thursday and meet back here in the morning.

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