Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Yesterday

Happy Mother's Day. Mine is in TX right now, but I called her. No, I didn't talk to her because they did not answer the phone. Maybe they did that on purpose? MBH's mother is in Heaven, so every day is a celebration for her.

I took pictures at an annual Mother's Day luncheon that our daughter-in-love holds, but...they were all on her camera. So, maybe I will lift some once she posts it in Facebook, or maybe I will just say "Go look at her photos there."

Speaking of photos, it is a good things none of SS's house has plain white walls, Why? It seems Amazon may have patented that type of photo.

I know for sure that both granddaughters enjoy reading, and are doing quite well with it. Why do I even mention that? There is a report out of San Francisco that "U.S. children read, but not well or often".

Do you still watch TV? I know many people are moving away from it (at least from cable), but I still have shows that I enjoy. Here is a list of how the shows fared this year. Are any of your favorites disappearing? Some of mine certainly are.

At last, I found a place I should maybe place my retirement savings. I don't think that would "impale" my savings, or "suck all the blood" from any return on investment. Guess what it is? Now, how can I get it moved to the US?

Uh, no thank you. This does not look like something I would enjoy, being the acrophobe that I am. Would you do it?

My first grades are back. I am currently tracking with a 94.2%. I have got to do better than that. I apparently did not make my conclusions compelling enough on my paper, and I missed a little on a quiz, but I have challenged that and am waiting on a response.

For now, though, I just finished a meeting with part of the team being outsourced on my big project, so I need to get going on that. I hope your weekend was a good one and you are ready to start this week with a smile on your face and some delicious quinoa in your lunch bag. Well, at least try to do the smiling part, OK?


Keith said...

So, are you just testing to see if anyone actually reads your blog and CoV, or did something go wrong with the updating of todays comic?

CrazyUncle said...

I somehow posted the wrong Clarity of Vision. It has been corrected. Sorry to Preacher Bro and any others who wondered, "What it wrong with that dude?" The CoV is changed, but there is still something wrong with this dude.

denise tucker said...

hmmm....i am a "24" live another day fan!! BUT [also watch a few select soap operas like castle on another channel of my non-cable tv other than channel-5] channel 5 is were my remote gets planted for the evening when i do decide to sit down and lay my eyes on someone getting killed or of such surprising news of where the camera viewed a robbery like "person of interest". since my mom too is in heaven-dont have any extra moms that claim me? yvonne has allowed me to call her mom since pat passed away, this was my recommendation since she is alot like my mom. am glad to see your "recycled cOv's" are of the past and now you have fresh off the press ideas!! have a great day, and see you tonight when we fine-tune our voices to sing/prepare for sunday concert----------[ciao]