Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wrestling Disney and Leno for a Pepsi

This cannot be real. I am scared, and I am an adult. Would your kid want to see him watching you eat?

When our son was young, he was into (and kind of got us into) pro wrestling. They had some fun story lines with Stephanie and HHH and The Rock and The Undertaker. Anyway, I saw today that Vince McMahon lost $350M in one day. Don't you feel sorry for him?

Some of the family visited Disneyland yesterday. They do have annual passes, but how much longer can we afford those. Did you see that they raised the single day cost again? It is approaching $100 per day. Wow, that's some big bucks.

Staying on the money theme, I am sure Jay Leno is not hurting. Still, you have to wonder what he does with his time nowadays.

Sweet potato or Yam? Red pepper or Yellow or Green? Whole grain or whole wheat. Get the scoop and listen to the cool music here.

Do you like those new vending machines for Coke products that lets you choose from a bunch of flavors? Pepsi has just released its answer to that, allowing more than 1,000 choices. Maybe I should do a CoV of someone taking hours to make their selection?

I did just create tomorrow's comic based on a story out of Michigan about a town that imposed a $200 fine for cussing. So, between now and tomorrow morning, think about where you would take that. If your comic is better, maybe you should start writing your own?

And with that, Tuesday gets underway. Thanks for stopping by and chatting a few.

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