Thursday, May 08, 2014

Links From a Lunk

I recently read that around 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day for something like 16 years. Can you believe it? Well, you'd better because it is true. Anyway, that led to today's Clarity of Vision.

I found an interesting site for printing your own grid paper this morning. Go to and make some. What? You don't really need any? Me neither, but now we both know where to go to get some.

Look at this interesting take on those interesting sites or wall hangings where they have a large letter of the alphabet and something interesting about a word that begins with the letter. Look at the letter T. Interesting, right?

Hey, I am already struggling in my first class for the MBA. It is Global Communication and is currently focusing on why we need to understand how culture impacts business. No, it is not a difficult concept, and the first paper is to write 500 words on "at least three reasons why it is important to understand and develop intercultural skills in a business environment". Also not too difficult. The problem is a) crazy busy at work with this outsourcing project and I even come home and work another two hours each day, and b) if I get outsourced, I would have to pay back the company for the classes I took within the last year. I am not thinking that my own outsourcing is likely, but you never know. Well, I am less than one week in, so I suppose I will keep on keeping on for now.

If your employer offered you a raise if you would get the company logo tattooed on your body, would you do it? If you worked here, you would get that opportunity. Me, I would not do so, but then, I have no tattoos right now of any kind.

Isn't it just like Texas to try and outdo all other places? Still, doing so by having over 300 earthquakes so far in 2014 seems a little extreme.

Hmm, die early or live a long time looking like a prune and facing skin cancer risks. Those are a couple of less-than-desirable results about sunlight, right?

What is a Space Fence, you may ask? Go ahead. I said you could ask. You could also read this to learn that, at 17,000 mph, even something just a half-inch around would pack a punch like a bowling ball traveling at 300 mph.

Just under 12 hours before MBH and I go to our final vegan cooking class before the summer break. I do not know what tonight's topic is. So exciting, right?

As you just saw, today was a good day for finding cool links to share. You just never know. For now, though, I hear a couple of project deadlines coming my way at what feels like 17,000 mph, so I gotta move or get mowed down. Have a great Thursday.

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