Friday, May 02, 2014

TV and CoV and More

I forgot to ask yesterday...what are y'all thinking about this season of Survivor? I know SS likes that there are no former castaways this year, leading to more unpredictability and more blindsides. I am certainly enjoying it.

Really? Hot in Cleveland renewed by TV Land? It is cute, but going into a sixth season is surprising.

Do you watch The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? I keep thinking I should, but I am out of time for new shows. Anyway, you can always find the best clips online. Here is a really good one with a Lip Sync Battle between Jimmy and Emma Stone. I think she blows him away.

Let's switch from TV topics to printed materials. Have you heard about a request to remove Hop On Pop by Dr. Seuss from a library? Why do you think someone might request that? It pretty silly to think that was written as a treatise encouraging kids to physically abuse their father.

Just as I have the past three days, I have already diverted into work activities before I published by blog post. Don't these people have any idea on the relative importance of my daily morning blog and CoV updates?

Let's take a look at today's Clarity of Vision. I created it yesterday before I remembered that I had wanted to write a May Day comic. So, here is one inspired by my recent upgrade from a flip phone to a smartphone.

Did you hear that the voice of Tony the Tiger passed away? Do you even know who that is? He used to advertise Kellogg's Frosted Flakes. He was greeeeeat!

I did not see anything else to share today. We have the GRANDS starting tonight, so I know we will be busy. I'd better get today finished so I can get home. Have a good weekend.

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