Wednesday, May 14, 2014

You Say Potato

Will you be honest with me? how did you do in figuring out the punchline of yesterday's Clarity of Vision comic? Between the title and the gravestone, I hope you figured out it was Annie. Even with me saying that, you still don't get it? I don't know what else I can say.

But yesterday's comic requires extreme familiarity with American culture and Broadway musicals and even our pronunciation to be humorous (well, it was funny to me). That reminds me of the Culture in Business course I am taking right now. Almost everything I say or hear around the office is at least impacted by our culture. I even made a cultural reference in today's post title. Do you know what phrase follows that one? If so, you were probably raised in the USA. If you don't, you are either new to this culture, or maybe young (since the song is from a 1937 movie). That led me to create this comic for today.

I saw this headline online this morning. How would you read this?

Did you think that one of the Baldwin brothers was riding in the opposite direction from what is expected? If you didn't and instead thought what I imagined, you are weird. I thought of someone saying about him, "Look, he is using his heels to push the pedals instead of his toes. That is the wrong way to bike."

Let's repeat that test. Here are a pair of headlines also found today. Read them both, try to think what I might find funny, and then read my commentary.

Well, let's look at each. In the first, I thought of two feds sitting in a car in a stakeout, laughing at chubby children walking to school. "Ha ha. Look at that kid. He can't bend over to tie his shoes." Shocking, right. How dare those dudes laugh at that. And the second headline? To me, it meant only people who were around in the 1960's had to worry about this. "Yeah, I saw that, but I wasn't even born yet. So, I wasn't around to sleep back then."

I have a question for you. Do you support raising the minimum wage? I am sure you said yes, since to disagree would make you sound uncaring. OK, would you be willing to pay more for food and things to make that happen? 25% more? 50% more? Suddenly, it sounds a little less enticing, doesn't it? This Yahoo! article covers that and give you some numbers behind the wage increase.

No comment about this article that the title doesn't say directly to all you burger eating non-vegan types. It is not all broccoli and quinoa.

I've had fun taking you behind the curtain of this website and my odd thinking, but reality just came back and said fun time is over. Yup, some of the project team are around and I gots to go. Have a great day and check in in 24 hours or so.

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