Thursday, September 25, 2014

We Survived Another Survivor

It's baaaack. As you guessed from the the title, I am talking about another season of Survivor. On the first show last night, there are no teams yet and we do not know the people, so I had not favorites to root for. I did not have a problem with the person voted off first.

This guys thinks that Ticket to Ride is the best of all The Beatles songs. Do you agree? I understand his logic, and what he says makes sense for 1965 when the song was released. For me, I would more likely choose Hey Jude, which is his #7 choice. It is a song that tells a Beatles-related story, everyone knows it and most of the words. Yeah, I'll choose that one.

One of the unique animal breeds in Scotland is the Highland Cattle. Here are a couple of shots I caught as we passed a herd one day. They look like a long-haired Texas Longhorn.

Another interesting animal are the Scottish Blackface sheep. I think those are MBH's favorite.

An interesting animal whose origins started in Canada is Winnie the Pooh. I have no vacation photos of this, but I found it kinda cool. It turns out Winnipeg the bear is the inspiration for A.A.Milne's character. I won't spoil it, but the story is told here.

In my younger days, I would always wear a shirt and tie to work. Of course, back then, I was a manager. Nowadays, I wear slacks and a polo shirt.  Might I go back to the shirt and tie if I could put it on as a business onesie?

I mentioned yesterday that I had read a factoid about twist ties. Here you go.

The twist ties and plastic tags used to seal bread bags in the United States are color coded by the day of the week the bread was baked on (the color code is blue/Monday, green/Tuesday, red/Thursday, white/Friday, and yellow/Saturday); this visual cue is relatively useless to consumers but is very handy for harried stocking clerks filling the shelves every day.

How much longer do you think you will live? I can help you make the most of it by giving you a watch that counts down how much longer it calculates you will live. Do you really want to know this, even if it is not scientifically valid? For thanks.

With time invariably marching on, each new generation is farther removed from either of the World Wars. I saw this article about German U-boats and enjoyed the read. Still, I would imagine that my kids and grandkids will be less curious about the time than I am. Someday, Even 9/11 will be a historical curiosity and not a strong memory.

My town does NOT have a beer pipeline? Does yours? Probably not, unless you live in Belgium.

Speaking of beer, Beer jelly, anyone? Would you just wash it down with Sweet Baby Jesus Peanut Butter Porter?

A story about jelly reminds me of a story about a big molasses spill in Hawaii last September. And I do have a couple of ideas for CoV comics based on that story. Come on, wouldn't you immediately try to think of a way to use that as humor?

You know what we're missing here in the US (at least as far as I know)? A Sewer Museum. After all, France has one. In it, you can see the giant balls they used to clean them. I just read about something like this happening recently, but I cannot find the story right now.

After descending to stories about sewers (get it? descending to sewers....because they are underground?), anyway, I don't know where else we would go. Let's end today's blog post and go have a Tremendous Thursday. Even if you are going to the dentist or doctor or IRS, there is always something good about today.

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denise tucker said...

hmmm...the watch idea? sounds to me like a "james bond" piece of mens jewelry to wear. yes i noted that you became mature all of the sudden with no tie with your shirts anymore? love the sheep for the molasses spill, would of been great to make those ginger cookies, or better yet ginger bread houses! let me think about the beer mind takes me to "root-beer, and sarsparilla" which are in bottles of sort to look like beer. and then of course there is something called mikes hard lemonade? whatever this means who i prefer the crystal lite lemonade instead of the 'beers' nowadays. [ciao....]