Thursday, September 04, 2014

It Must Be Fall Because the Temps Are Below 115F

Since we are still hitting almost 110F, it is easy to dream of cooler climes, or maybe the coast somewhere. So, let's all visit Northern California through the magic of photography. Here is a nice silhouette.

Here is another shot built around the shadows contrasting with a brighter background.

OK, I must be choosing shadows to get out of the sunlight. This formation has a small arch down at the bottom. Did you notice it?

With the photos out of the way, let me ask you to read about stopping a freight train with a BB gun. With enough people, it looks possible. And if you wonder about the cartoonist, he is one smart dude and you can read an interview with him here.

It seems the sales of electric cars is slowing down. Why haven't you purchased one yet? Is it the limited range? Is it the high cost of the vehicle? Is it the limited styles available? For me, I would say the range is killer, and probably even worse in the desert.

Have you heard about the new Fox program Utopia? People creating their own society for a year? Will they make it? Will you watch? One person has already been booted for smuggling in a cell phone and checking out her fellow participants before she met them. That was a violation of the contract. I will probably have to check it out.

Speaking of TV, do you have cable? If so, do you have FXX and did you watch the recent Simpsons marathon? It seems the ratings were 3X what they expected. I flipped over there several times to see which episode it was and determine if I remembered it. Now, let's see if any of that traffic stays with the network.

Check out the photo which accompanies the headlines for this article. Wow, she is so happy sleeping. I HAVE to try that workout.

Onion goggles? Yes, please. I could have used them for changing JV's diaper this past weekend, too.

People, people, people. Animals do not think like us. No one should have mentioned a bucket list to a bear.

I see that the post is getting a little long, so let's wrap up the post and get out Terrific Thursday underway. I am also wrapping up the chef PM series today.

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