Friday, September 05, 2014

Put Some Effort Into It

I enjoy landscape photos. Maybe it is the challenge of finding the best natural arrangement of elements. Maybe it is looking for the best light. Whatever, it sometimes means I get busy with photos and don't always enjoy where I am. Sometimes, I leave others behind in my quest of another shot.

And so, one of the totally expected behaviors on any family trip is me wanting to stay in a location as long as possible to take photos. Many times, everyone else (and I mean, EVERYONE) is just waiting and waiting until I finish or Dad says "Let's go". Here is what Dad might do while he waits (here at the Humboldt Redwoods State Park in Northern California).

Meanwhile, Mom seems to be trying to climb one of the redwoods.

And MBH decided to play Snow White and sleep surrounded by a forest.

Before we move on, take a look at this photo. Do you like it? It is just way too processed for me.

We want to see the remaining unaired episodes of "I Wanna Marry Harry" on Were you watching it? We thought it was funny.

Have you ever missed your window to get your auto license plate renewed before it expires? I know that I have. I think this guy did, too, but he tried to fool the police by creating his own. Hey, dude, next time, put some effort into it.

Another Steven Wright-ism: I changed my headlights the other day. I put in strobe lights instead! Now
when I drive at night, it looks like everyone else is standing still ...

Do you like Ikea stuff? I know we do. However, the styling is quite distinctive and always the same. Maybe some of you would like to change that up a bit? Here's an idea.

Continuing with Ikea, how wide is your hallway? Ours is pretty narrow, so this next idea would not work. With a depth of 11-3/4", it's not too much for many halls, but it is for us.

You know who should put some effort into it? School boards and administrators. I know this story comes from Australia, but you can be sure US school officials will take note. A school has banned cartwheels and other gymnastic-type playground activities unless supervisor by a teacher. And one woman notes her kids are banned from playing with schoolmates before and after school. As one person suggests, why can't we let kids be kids?

Do you hate to vacuum? If so, did you buy a Roomba on any other automatic vacuum? OK, let's ask another question. Do you think Dyson's vacuums clean better? If so, hold on to your hats (not because they might get sucked up in the cleaning tornado, but rather because of the announcement upcoming). Dyson announces Eye360, it's vacuuming robot. And it could be yours for around $1,250.

They may not get one of those, but I do want my parents to get one of these.

Would you like to know a little more about the effects in Disney's Haunted Mansion. Well, Gizmodo printed a couple of extracts from an upcoming book called The Unauthorized Story of Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion, by Jeff Baham. You can read Part 1 and Part 2 at the links.

I recently read that it is bad that we sit so much in our current society. You have probably been sitting while you read this, so close it up and move around some. I will, too, because my water bottle is empty. Have a Fab Friday, and wonderful weekend, and come back refreshed on Marvelous Monday.

Whoa!! Wait a minute! I almost let you leave without inflicting a CoV comic on you. Here. Take it with you as you leave.


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Keith said...

Holy Mackerel!
The "What if?" web site ( that includes your freight train/bb gun story is totally addictive!
You should never have shown me that! What have you done?