Friday, September 19, 2014

UK Remains UK (This is not pronounced 'Yuck Remains Yuck')

Before we get to breaking news, let's begin with a shout out to TD, who has a birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Teacher Daughter!

BBC is saying that Scotland will stay in the UK. Voter turnout was over 85%. I think I'm glad. I have no particular reason for my preference other than it has been that way for 300 years (actually, since 1707).

Birkhill Castle was our home in Scotland for one night back during our UK trip. Have you ever stayed in a castle? We really liked the place, and were even offered another night for free from Siobhan, the owner. However, we did not have any spare time to stay. I did capture a few photos around the place, though. Here is the front entrance and our Jaguar.

And here is the entry hall. Many of the furnishings are quite old, but not the dogs.

This is the sitting room (the den for us Colonists) with some busts on top of the shelves showing some of the family members who built the castle originally.

And all those bookshelves have a lot of old stuff. They said we could open and look at anything we wanted. SS and I were nervous that pages would fall out. I did look at a couple of them, though I do not remember what they were right now.

I saw that Warner Bros. is laying off 10% of their staff. Do you think they will have a pig say 'Bud-dee-yah, bud-dee-yah, that's all, folks'.

Have you ever thought about how to represent the primary ideas from a song as a data chart? I must admit...THAT'S JUST CRAZY. Then again, here I am sharing them with you, so maybe they are onto something. Songs are from all types of groups, from The Beatles to Taylor Swift.

Allegedly from a real-life company:
Quote from the Boss: "Teamwork is a lot of people doing what I say." -Citrix Corporation

I see on my calendar that it is Talk Like a Pirate Day (TLAPD). Have you been practicing your 'Arrr's and your 'Ahoy, matey's? It has been a thing since sometime before 2002. I did read on the site that 'Wanna shiver me timbers?' is a poor pickup line.

I debated using TLAPD as the topic for a comic, but chose not to do so this year. Instead, I went with a Seuss theme since we had a Dr. Seuss discussion at work earlier this week. It took four panels to finish the different rhymes.

Did you watch Tyrant on FX this past year? We enjoyed it (as did 85% of the audience), and I just read that it has been renewed for a second season.. Whoo to the Hoo.

I just do not like the new look and feel of Yahoo!. Have you seen it?

Would you pay $2 extra to get the newspaper containing Black Friday ads? It sounds like a thing in some places. One paper does have a policy of making it free if the subscriber notices and complains. Details here.

Does this mean that you cannot lose 20 lbs by exercising 3 minutes per day? I am SHOCKED, I say. SHOCKED.

And Friday seems to have started when I wasn't looking. I will mosey on over to the desk and get something started. Have a good weekend.

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