Monday, September 29, 2014

Marching to Zion

From right to left, the names of the peaks are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Do those names sound familiar? They should, and that is the name of this grouping in Zion National Park. The Three Patriarchs. The shot is from 2005.

When you are in a setting like a national park, familiar scenes take on a new meaning. For example, here we are in rush hour in Zion.

That guy was probably looking for the Virgin River which runs through Zion. Luckily, we found it.

Hey, y'all keep praying for CPA Cuz. He undergoes his final chemo beginning this next Wednesday and then they will do a CT to determine next steps. His daughter has added quinoa into his diet to assist with getting enough healthy protein. Yeah! Thanks, CPA's Daughter.

I finally finished copying all the archived songs (that I care about) onto the laptop. My final count is 10,423 songs, 875 albums, 636 hours of play, 93.7GB. I guess I'd better get started listening.

I also have a hard drive for my photo backup. I see it holds 11,047 items (that could include a few videos so they may not all be photos). So, once I go through the archive drive and pull over the photos I do not have on the laptop, I will let you know what the new count is. We are starting at 261.1MB (so my music takes up 360 times more space).

Look at this article from last Saturday. Did you see its topic? The last of the Saturday morning cartoons aired a couple of days ago. Does a change like that make you nostalgic? It did me, both because of my kids and even my own childhood. Of course, there are now channels that air them 24x7. There are online offerings where you can choose your own cartoons anytime. Still....

When was the last time you tried to break four pencils at once? If it was last week, then you already know the amount of effort it takes (80 lbs of pressure, BTW). And thanks to Consumer Reports, we know that is about the amount of pressure it takes to bend a new iPhone 6 or 6+. Luckily for us, someone tests these things so we can talk about it.

I looked through all of my normal sites and am finding nothing else to share for today. Do we have enough? Will you be OK until tomorrow? I hope so.

Oops. I forgot to add in today's CoV (since I created it last night). Here you go.

OK. Let's say goodbye again. Goodbye.

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