Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Sick and Tired, or Just Tired of Being Sick?

Did anyone notice there was no blog entry yesterday? Nor was there a new Clarity of Vision comic. No, I was out sick yesterday. It started sometime during the weekend, and I even missed a Chorale concert on Sunday. If you know me, you know that must mean I was quite unwell. Am I well today? Maybe not 100%, but enough that I would rather be at my desk than laying around at home, and especially so during the long, hot afternoon period when we cannot use the A/C.

What was wrong? I'd rather not say, or more accurately, I'd rather tell you about using the comic strip medium.

Are you considering going to a local theater to watch a live transmitted Monty Python show? It would be fun, but I am probably not going to attend. I will wait for the DVD.

I saw a story on the news last night about a Chinese man stuck in South Korea after his child doodled on his passport. This morning, I read that it may not be true. Read this and decide for yourself.

When is it OK for a store to begin displaying Christmas decorations? Is May too early? Hobby Lobby (called Holly Hobby by someone I know) doesn't think so.

Have you been following the Aereo story? They tape over-the-air broadcasts and let you watch them on your schedule and whatever device you choose. Is that copyright infringement or personal use? We are waiting for the Supreme Court to choose, but it seems you could set up your own version.

Did you hear that Cesar Chavez (D) is running for Congress in AZ? Wouldn't you vote for him? I mean, first, let's ignore the fact that he died in 1993. Second, ignore the fact that, until Dec, he was a Republican named Scott Fistler. Third,...well, there is no third. Why would you even consider choosing a candidate that is using these kinds of tricks to get elected. If he starts off like this, how will he act when he is in office and under-the-table deals are offered?

Hey, kids! Do you know what time it is? It is time to get to work. After being out yesterday, I've got lots o' mail to work through, so no more dillying (or dallying, either). Stay Classy, San Diego (or wherever you may be).

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