Monday, June 09, 2014

Celebration But No Concert

We had quite a celebration this weekend for birthdays and Father's Day. Much of the family will be out of town next weekend, so we got together today. Birthdays included MBH and Salesman Son. Fathers included myself and Salesman Son. I was truly blessed. I got a set of plates with Beatles lyrics handwritten on the front by Daughter-in-love. On the back, each of them wrote a personal note. They are really cool. They got this idea from one of my own Pinterest links. They also gave MBH and I a night out at a Murder Mystery dinner theater. Plus, I got a new DSLR. And a couple of coupons for a local vegan place. Whoo Hoo!

Because of this celebration, I was not able to go to the Chorale concert this afternoon. Well, it was a good trade.

When we left their house yesterday evening, JV was pretty sad that Pops had to go home. We do have a strong bond right now. I remember when I had that with KNW was young, too. Of course, I am close with all of them, but this special relationship while they are still young will always be a great memory. I felt it a little less when GRAND#1 was young, but that one wasn't as strong when she was 2-3 as it is now. Maybe it is stronger as she grows because she and I are both first borns?

It has been a while since I elevated this blog to fine art. Today, I want to remind you of how cats figured into the great masterpieces of classic painters.

Speaking of Pinterest, I got forwarded a board from someone I don't know because they have a photography page and so do I. I looked through her page and was amazed that one of the shots looked almost exactly like one of mine. When I clicked on it, guess what? Yes, it WAS mine that she had pinned on her page. Crazy, right?

Wow, has it been 20+ years since Jurassic Park came out? This is a really cool video about how they created the tools that let them create CGI dinosaurs.

Would you be willing to pay 27% more for your meals at McDonald's to support an increase in the minimum wage? That's what Motley Fool estimates the increase would be. I probably would, since we only go there when we have the GRANDS.

"Many cardiologists believe that no specific number is really “too low....”" I read this sentence in this Yahoo! article and it certainly caught my attention. What did you think when you read it. For me, it was, "Really? Nothing is too low?" What about ZERO?!?!? Could that become a CoV topic? Maybe. Do you have an idea how I could build on that in three panels?

Speaking of CoV, let's do it.

I suddenly ran out of time. I was talking with one of the short-timers. I was doing fine and I am now late on stuff. Where did that come from? See you tomorrow.

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