Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hump Day This Week Seemed a Long Time Coming, For Some Reason

I led the first half of Chorale practice last night. I had fun, even if the choir did not. Our director was out of town, so he assigned me the more technical songs, allowing me to correct some issues with timing and notes. He gives the other temp-director those songs where we know them better but need some help with being expressive.

And the GRANDS and MBH swam THE WHOLE TIME I WAS GONE! Over two hours. I imagine they were quite tired, and yet JV stayed up until 10:15pm. Hopefully, they are sleeping late today.

I found a site this morning that hosts a whole bunch of links to scripts for a whole bunch of movies. I clicked on Scrooged just to look at one. Go ahead. Find one of your favorite and start your day with a guffaw (unless it is a serious movie, in which case you can start you day with a lump in your throat).

I heard an ad for American Family Insurance with a country-sounding song on it and decided to find out if it was a real song. After seeking the right words so Google could find it (I ended up putting "live live seize the day" in quotes), I found it was Dare to Dream by Jo Dee Messina. Have you heard that ad? I like it.

I also found a cute video about the IT Help Desk on the Death Star. Have you seen it? I like it.

And when I found that video, I noticed one about 25 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Star Wars. For example, the Ewoks were named after an Indian tribe indigenous to the area where those scenes were filmed. And can you imagine Christopher Walken as Han Solo? Have you watched this before? I like it.

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Little Big Horn. That reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode "The 7th is Made Up of Phantoms". Have you seen that episode? I like it.

The other day, a film crew was in our building making a new TV ad for the company. To make the Operations Center look more full, they pulled some people from my area into the room and asked them to look like they were working (and in fairness, they may have actually worked, just in this other room). No, I was not chosen. Anyway, it led to this....

Have you ever had a cronut? What about one made by the creator of the dessert? No, I haven't, either. Would you like to try one of his other creations?

I think I have shared enough for today, both in links and in words. Still craving more ALiMOM (A Legend in My Own Mind, of course)? You'll have to wait until tomorrow.

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