Thursday, June 26, 2014

404 Bisnuts (That Will Make Sense Later)

How many of you know what a 404 error is? Have you ever tried to go to a web page and get a message that it does not exist? Yeah, that's a 404, and this one is a funny version featuring Jim Carrey.

There is a form of protest going on in Washington DC that makes no sense to me. Have you heard about Uber, a company that offers private vehicles to give you a ride as an alternative to taxicabs? In DC, the cab companies held a protest where they blocked off a large part of city center. Doesn't that seem to be the opposite of the message they should send, which is they are the safe, convenient option? My first thought would not be "Hmm. I can't get to my destination because of all these cabs. Hey, this was better back when Uber didn't exist!"

I have been known to, shall we say, "push" my vehicle a little over the speed limit. I won't say "a lot", but I will say "often". This is not about me, though. It's about the new Hyundai Genesis, that can sense a speed camera and slow you down. It is mainly for those fixed cameras. Would you buy it, or would (should?) you just SLOW DOWN? Those 10 minutes it buys you won't kill you. So, will I slow down? Hey, this is my blog. You don't get to ask questions like that.

This story headline caught my eye.

I mean, isn't the number of movies he didn't make pretty much endless? 2001: A Space Odyssey, for example? "I'm sorry, Hal. I can't let you in. Whoo hoo!"

Do you tie your shoes using a granny knot or a reef knot? Does it ever come unties when you are active? Then it is probably a granny knot. Follow these instructions to switch it up and never come unties again. That's right, I said NEVER!

Bisnuts, anyone?

You know what? You are correct. I DO have some photos I took of the GRANDS recently, but I keep forgetting to upload them to my computer and share them. The GRANDS go home tonight, so maybe I will remember. We've had a great time, and all three are crazy, swimming nuts (no, not bisnuts...see previous paragraph).

Speaking of sports, though, are you following the World Cup? It is usually on in our break room, and I do see a few people in there frequently. Me? No, I only know the US is playing today and needs to win or tie. However, I do hear things. Today's comic is something I heard about a Tyson-esque bite of a competitor.

This looks long enough that y'all should feel I gave you your money's worth. And I oughta do something professional. So, I will mosey off to the left and y'all can see yourselves out to the right.

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