Friday, June 27, 2014

But Don't Start Hating Fridays

It's Friday and you know what that means? Pop quiz! Did you complete your assigned reading? Did you do ANY reading? Well, you knew this was coming, and even if you did not, we are all taking the quiz together. Today's topic is "Which is healthier?"
Turkey Burger or Veggie Burger?
Agave or Honey?
Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes?
Instant Oatmeal or Steel-cut Oats?
Butter or Buttery Spread?
Brown Rice or Quinoa?
Frozen Yogurt or Soft-serve Ice Cream?
Potato Chips or Tortilla Chips?
Hummus or Guacamole?
OK. Got your answers ready? Let's review them. Veggie, Tie, Sweet potato, Steel-cut oats, Butter, Quinoa, FroYo, Potato chips, Guacamole. Did you do well? Want to know why any particular answer was chosen? Read the article here.

Speaking of healthy eating, MBH and I have a series of cooking classes in the morning. First, bulk cooking to ease the burden during the week. Then, planning a week's worth of healthy eating. Finally, how to make healthy dressings and dips. Good, I could use a bit more variety in my diet. I am about 8 weeks from completing a year as a vegan. Do I feel healthier? I don't know for sure, but I don't feel bad, so there's that.

The GRANDS (and granddog, too) went home last night. We had a great visit, and they were wonderful. Still, we all kind of crashed for the evening (well, after haircuts). We got to watch night two of Big Brother, our summer guilty pleasure (as opposed to Disney Channel where we have memorized every Jessie episode).

I meant to ask them some questions before they left. "Hey guys, what do you think goes at the end of these phrases?"
Laugh and the whole world laughs with you; cry and...
If at first you don't succeed...
Children should be seen and...
Where there is smoke...
A miss is as good as a...
Better to be safe than...
Daughter-in-love, you should ask them about these. If any of you wonder where this is coming from, I read this story about Proverbs from Fourth Graders. There are more than what I showed here.

I need to catch my breath. I just read a headline purporting to talk about Reality TV Hoaxes. At first, I laughed uproariously, knowing the story itself must be the hoax. Reality TV cannot be contrived. That's why it is called "reality".

Here's a story that you will NEVER SEE ON TV. If you watched Big Brother last night, it could simply be a symptom of this, which could lead to premature death. Get your attention yet? No? Fine, go watch something. I think Jessie is on Disney Channel.

Or maybe you are watching the interminably boring World Cup matches? I'm not, although it is on all the time in our break room.

I chose to create another World Cup-related CoV today, but I liked a headline I saw in Drudge Report.

FIFA bites back. Funny. Gnaw mercy. Kind of funny. The photo accompanying those headlines? Priceless.

Did you wonder why I share so many links? Did you wonder how I choose which ones to include in my blog? No? Doesn't matter. I'll tell you anyway. Obviously, I like puns, so those catch my eye. And if an article looks like something I want to know, I read it to see if I learned anything. So, looking back through today's post, I see I shared a healthy food quiz. In fact, I inflicted it upon MBH and TD last night. I found those Proverbs the other day when I was researching those silly quotes that I presented over several days. Reality TV just appeared this morning in my interweb search and I wanted to be silly implying any of it is actually real. Too much TV is bad has been queued up for a few days and I saw an article about mass firings on The View, so I remembered I wanted to share the thing about watching all this TV.

Hey, it is the end of another week. You've been more than patient while I blathered on about whatever I was blabbering about. Let's go grab a drink and laugh uproariously about something. have a wonderful weekend and I will be back in a few days with more blather.

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