Wednesday, June 04, 2014

THE PROJECT From ... Management (What Did You Think I Was Going to Say?)

Just when I was fixing to start writing today's post, what do you think happened? You nailed it on your first guess. THE PROJECT intruded. I think I talked the dude off the ledge for now, but they are all ready to get finished with this transition and move on with their lives in their next opportunity. I don't blame then. They are all lame duck workers right now. And the new provider is beginning to realize the true scope of what they are taking on. It will definitely get worse before it gets better.

I may have been interrupted before the blog post was begun, but today's Clarity of Vision was already in the bag by then. I knew last night where this was going. I think the woman who inspired this is ready to leave, not only due to the outsourcing project, but so I will leave her alone as inspiration for my comic.

No pacemakers nor workers were harmed in the making of this CoV. Well, not physically, anyway.

I am sure you all have seen the stories about Stirling having to sell the Clippers and getting an offer of $2 billion. This story wonders how much the Cowboys would sell for if the same inflation rate were applied... or even the AZ Cardinals.

Sorry, peoples. I gots to get after it. It promises to be a busy day. I didn't really have much to share, anyway. Hopefully, I can give you some creative ways to waste your time tomorrow.

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