Wednesday, April 09, 2014

What I Meant Was NEXT Month

I just dug up my notes and I found that, on March 17, my oldest GRAND's birthday, I spoke with my advisor who told me that the next classes started April 6. However, I guess since we were too close to that when I finally got enrolled, I moved out to the next classes starting early May. So, no school yet.

What's your favorite number? Come on. You know you have one. This dude has done a study (it doesn't really sound scientific, though) and found it was... No, no spoilers here. Go read the article.

What's your favorite CoV comic? Don't have one? Me either, but here is another to consider.

This article about most beloved Disneyland rides looks interesting, but it is blocked at work. I will check it out tonight when I get home.

Hey, have you ever heard of a group called the Dave Clark Five? This article ponders if they were, in fact, "the poor man's Beatles". They even knocked "I want to hold your hand" out of the top spot on the Billboard charts. You can hear their song, "Glad All Over" on youtube.

Have you ever heard of the Human Barbie? That is just weird.

18 inch tall ABC sandwich, anyone?

Now that I have bedazzled you with links, I will blow your mind with the unexpected end of today's post. Bye.

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