Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Got Nothing For Ya

We have to thank Jeff Probst of Survivor fame for today's title. It is what he says to the losing team after every reward competition. I am saying it because I am out of photos to share. I know. It surprised me, too.

MBH is back from her international travels. Well, she went to Texas. Aren't they their own country? They were the Republic of Texas for ten years when they first gained independence from Mexico. Anyway, I am glad she's back. And she had a great visit with family. Thanks for taking care of her, Jim and Sue.

Have you ever heard someone say "Yeah, no" at the beginning of a sentence? Or maybe "No, yeah"? It just struck me as funny the other day during a team meeting. So, while I may not any photos to post, I do have a new CoV.

I read an fascinating article about what it has taken to build self-driving cars. I thought, since you read my blog everyday and think like me (OK, maybe I went too far), you would enjoy reading the article from The Atlantic Cities magazine.

While I was there, I detoured and read about a dude making a little road trip in a rented Tesla. Would you buy one with a current range of only 250ish miles? I think it is not quite ready for prime time.

Hey, you iPhone owners. Here are some things that Siri can do that you may not have tried. I know that I haven't, but I might try some of them soon.

Listen, I am outta time (wasn't that the license plate on Back to the Future?). Y'all have a great day.

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