Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Brass Ring Moved When I Reached For It

I certainly used to like roller coasters, but I have never liked the height of them. In fact, when Teacher Daughter and I used to ride, I would close my eyes as we went up and she would tell me when it was safe to open them again. Loops and drops were OK as long as they were not too high. That said, I do not think I would like these uber-high rides.

This is pretty funny. The NYPD wanted people to post pictures of themselves posing with police officers. Instead, they got bombarded with brutality shots. Take a look at the photos in this article.

Quick. Which president gets your vote as the worst one ever? Harding? Nixon? How about James Buchanan? One of those wins the prize, according to Yahoo.

I finished a project a couple of weeks ago and my next step is to perform a Lessons Learned meeting so we can see how to do better next time. So, the boss wants me to knock this last activity out so we can officially close the project. It's just that other projects take up much of my time. Still, I do need to finish it. After all, I don't want him to try and do it for me.

Oh man. A big installation we had scheduled for today just got postponed because the vendor rep is sick today. This project is over one year old, and I thought we were finally going to reach a milestone. I guess we will reschedule for next Wednesday.

No, I did not think to add any photos last night after Chorale practice. I did watch the finale of Face Off and did not have a problem with who won. Now, I will watch the remaining episodes of the Jim Henson Creature program. It looks kind of interesting.

I feel like I need to get Hump Day underway. I like getting a paycheck and want that to continue. So, don't bother me today and I will leave you alone, too. Come back tomorrow, though, OK?

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