Thursday, April 17, 2014

Maundy, Maundy, So Good To Me

Today is Maundy Thursday. Did you already know that? Have you ever attended a foot washing service? I don't think I have, but it seems that is a custom in some places.

This looks like an interesting way to reuse old tires.

One show we saw at Bearizona was "Raptors in Flight". Here three shots I took trying to capture a Great Horned Owl in flight.

Did you see the Southwest Airline attendant's funny safety announcement? We watched it the other night and it is truly a stand-up routine. The passengers even clapped when she was finished.

Doesn't every profession have its own vocabulary? One obvious area with its own words and acronyms in programming. And I am sure that the next generation will be even more immersed in this language. What about those of us for whom PCs and electronic media are "recent" inventions?

Today is the anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba back in 1961. Well, as vegans like to call it, Day of Trichinosis-carrying Trash eaters. OK, maybe I've never heard that before, but I wanted to add a humorous element to today's factoid.

On my commute this morning, I saw a sign advertising that Circle K sells all sizes of Coke for $0.79 (up to 64 oz). Each 12 oz can of Coke has 39g of sugar, so a large Polar Pop cup of Coke would have 207g of sugar. The American Heart Association recommends 37g per day, so that one drink would blow that recommendation out of the water. And to find the calories that translates to, multiply the grams of sugar by 4. So, that one drink would be 830 calories, more than 1/3 of the average daily calorie intake. Whew. Let's agree to cut back.

Wait, when did I become my father?

American Bible Challenge returns May 22. Have you watched any of these during the past two seasons? We enjoy it.

Sure, many in the press call it Government Motors since the feds own such a large piece of GM. However, I will be disappointed if the courts allow them to ignore these lawsuits due to people getting killed because of faulty ignition switches. They claim that was "the old GM", not the new one.

Some of reading this may be of an age where considering Long Term Care insurance makes sense. Read this to make sure you don't suck when you start considering a policy.

What do you think? Have you learned enough and laughed enough for one day? I think you have, and since it is my blog, we will proceed with that assumption. And that means it is time to set today's post free. if it doesn't come back, it never really loved me (or something like that). I'll be back on Good Friday.

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