Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Happy 2nd birthday, JV. We had fun at your party last weekend, but today is actually your birthday. I hope you have a good day and enjoy playing with the balls and playset you opened last weekend.

Hey, didn't I tell you yesterday that I have temporarily run out of photos? Then why did you expect any today? Come on. I know that's what you were searching for.

And didn't I tell you that Clarity of Vision comics could still be created? Well, they can, and I created one. Here. Read it and weep. Hmm. That didn't sound right. I created this and decided I wanted to add cricket sounds into the last of the middle panels. However, the tool won't let me modify already saved comics. Stinkin' tool.

I saw this article and am not sure that I agree these are the best ten sentences in literature. No, none of mine were chosen.

Remember the news stories a few years ago about cow tipping. Well, it seems the new story is Smart Car tipping. Kind of funny, as long as it is not your car.

I like the title of this video, "Time lapse video makes Yosemite even prettier," even though I have not watched it. This type of link is blocked at work, which is where I am writing today's blog.

Do you remember an old Charlie Sheen movie called Major League. Here are some fun facts Yahoo dug up about the movie.

I hear today ramping up around my cubicle. I think I will go join it. Have a great day (and birthday if that is you) and let's share a little time again tomorrow.

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denise tucker said...

hmmmm....looks like this "director" either has put everyone to sleep in the C.O.V. or they just got tired of playing simon says? and yes I saw the car tipping on tv--I would think this would now start a new trend to see how many the streets these little (tin-cars) can have lined up with them now looking like this, or even better-just line up like some dominoes...[ciao 4 now]