Friday, April 11, 2014

It Feels Like a Friday Already

Most people are not even in the office yet and it already feels like a Friday. Is it time to go home?

We had out healthy cooking class last night. She spoke about how to make eating healthy less expensive. you have heard me opine before about how much this diet costs me (opine is a good word, right?). She talked about how to plan a week's worth of meals around similar ingredients so you can buy and cook in bulk. She talked about how to tailor salads and things around whatever produce you see on sale in each week's newspaper ads. She mentioned Costco and farmer's markets. Yeah, I do need to pay attention to those things. Today's lunch is a Whole Foods kale salad, a quinoa salad that I made at home, roasted sweet potatoes that I made, and fresh raspberries. Yes, that salad was the most expensive.

Does your work environment involve a lot of acronyms? As you probably know, IT does use acronyms for just about everything. Well, maybe fewer than the federal government, but still, we have a bunch.

I found this link about funny engagement photos the other day, but forgot to share it. I just checked and it is still live, but don't delay. Go look at them and have yourself a merry little chuckle.

And an article I read back in February is also still available. Have you ever wondered about the origins of some of the nursery rhymes we learned as a kid? Now you can know.

Last summer, I purchased a 2014 calendar from a local store in Ouray with photos from the area. This month's shot is one from the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Have you ever ridden that? You really should. It is waaay cool. I think I will see about riding it next time we are up there with the GRANDS. The older two would really like it. It is NOT CHEAP! And it takes a whole day. That's why we don't do it very often.

I have dilly-dallied with you long enough. Let's let those CPAs that read this blog get back to their tax returns. And if there are any preacher readers, it's time for them to get their mouth to the spout where the gospel comes out. If you are a retired reader, go do whatever you are doing today. I will almost certainly have more drivel to dribble on you next week.


Keith said...

Is that a quote from the Brothers B?

CrazyUncle said...

It is indeed a quote from their Billy Graham routine. BTW, thinking of them made me look to see if Butler's CD (including Nursery Rhyme) was available anywhere. Look for info in Monday's blog post.

Keith said...

Cool! Thanks.
"See" you Monday.