Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Is It WINS-day Already?

We are going to have a great day today, aren't we? Yes, I am talking to you. Let's start make today, hump day, the middle of the week, a day when we have some type of WIN for the week. One where we really accomplish something, whether personal or professional, whether it is a long-term goal or something that just came up. Too often, we feel overwhelmed at everything we have to get done or at all the things still on our list. No, today, focus on what you get done and celebrate it. I think, for my WIN, I will shoot for delivering a special assignment back to my boss. He asked me to help review resumes by the end of the month. If I can knock those out and give a detailed analysis of each candidate, it will be good for both him and me. Let's do it.

Speaking of things to do, did I tell you that my MBA doesn't actually start until May? So, the date in my schedule us correct. But did you tell us that the course material was already posted and open. Yes, my advisor said it is not uncommon for a teacher to get everything set up 1-2 weeks early. I can start on reading and even assignment, but I need to have some of it incomplete because the date on which I deliver an assignment is how the teacher marks attendance.

What's the deal? Have I shared all of the Bearizona photos yet? No, I just did not get around to it after Chorale practice last night. Sorry. I did create a new Clarity of Vision, though. This is about mind maps. Have you ever used them? Some project managers do, but I have never found an effective use for them. Maybe this explains why.

What's next? Technology will recognize me by my thoughts? Here is a new option - vein recognition, which is supposed to be safer than fingerprints.

I was in a band in college called Rasberry Jam (first, that was the kind of band name that was popular back then, and second, the lead guitarist was named Rasberry). Anyway, another of the members was David Butler. You can listen to some of (and purchase) his new CD here. The notes say he wrote the songs, and I remember Nursery Rhymes from our college days. While you are there, you can also find the East Valley Chorale CDs. Hey, I wonder if I can get royalties or something from promoting these?

I am still loading up my new Clarity of Vision site with old and current comics. While I do share the comic in this blog, I do not always give you the specifics of why I created each one. The link is over on the right if you want to check it out. I am using wordpress instead of blogger just to learn something new and to play a bit.

Isn't it funny how life seems to bring around things in threes? Just last night, I was telling my wife I think we should buy an island off the coast of Italy, and then, this article appears online. Actually, that isn't three things, I don't really have the money for an island, and if I did, I would not want a haunted one.

I do not watch Dance Moms, but that main lady does seem to know her stuff. And now, she gets another show. Do you watch DM? Will you watch the new program where she makes over dance studios? Just wondering.

What is going on here? I guess I felt wordy today. That does not count towards today's WIN (in fact, you may think it detracts from it). So, I off to start WINning. Until Thursday, my friends.

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