Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Oh, There He Is

Yep. I'm back. For the two of you who noticed that I was absent from the blogosphere for the last two days, thanks for noticing. I have been down with something involving fever and super headache, but not stuffiness (so I rule out the flu). Anyway, the fever is now gone and the headache is slight, so I must get back to work.

While I was laid up, the rest of my family was enjoying the 60th anniversary of Disneyland. They say some photos were posted on Facebook, but today is the first day I didn't need to keep my eyes closed all the time and I tried to work a bit, so I haven't seen them. I bet there were some cool things. I remember that we first went for the 30th anniversary. I probably have some photos of that around.

While I was laying around the last few days, I listened to the TV. On Sunday, I listened to Joel Osteen. Do you know him, the TV evangelist? I watch him for a few minutes each Sunday morning to hear which funny story or joke he starts with. Well, what I am sharing today was during his sermon and not the joke. Joel said, "I wanted God to change the situation. God wanted the situation to change me." I like that. It is so easy to pray that God give me strength, but deep down, I know I want Him to take the bad thing away.

Check out this map from a newspaper.

Nice, right? Could you tell which states were for Obama and which for Romney? No! They printed it in black and white.

This next map IS in color. In August 2014, as Vladimir Putin insisted that any Russian troops in Ukraine had simply gotten lost and wandered into, rather than deliberately invaded a sovereign nation, the @CanadaAtNATO account tweeted this map with the message, "Geography can be tough. Here’s a guide for Russian soldiers who keep getting lost and ‘accidentally’ entering #Ukraine."

Do you ever eat at IHOP? Could you tell me what their logo is? If you eat there, I would think that you recognize it since it hasn't changed in 20 years. Until now. They decided the old one was "too frowny". They felt that gave the potential customers a negative connotation. I know we almost didn't go there, and we couldn't figure out why. Now, I know.

And from an idea I wrote down 12 days ago.

Well, with that, our brief get-together is over. I will be back tomorrow, though. I am not going to promise, but I am reasonably certain, OK. That's the best I can do.

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