Friday, June 12, 2015

Snape Hunting

I do not have any photos to share, but I did look back through one of my photo books and decided to pull a few pages. The book is from 2009, so even if you saw the photos, you might not remember their arrangement on the page. Let's start with a page entitled 'Fences'. Sorry, it is a bit fuzzy.

Next, let's see some 'Wide Open Spaces'.

The third of today's photos is some shots from Canyonlands.

And finally, several shots capturing the Fall colors of Colorado.

While we are on the subject of vacations, does the trip home after a vacation seem shorter than the same drive to get there? It seems you are not alone, and researchers are trying to explain why that is. Read this for (a little) enlightenment.

And now, this may be required reading if you ever plan on appearing on Survivor.

Are any of you having Harry Potter withdrawal since the books have been written and the movies all released? Apparently, the characters are also getting a little bored, so at least one of them has gone back to work. At American Airlines. You can see the photo below and read more about this guy here.

Well, I am out of material and time. See you next week. No, wait. I do have one more thing to share before our time together ends.

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