Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Don't Whine About Wine Days

What is the top electronic dance song in your state? Let me ask a related question. Do you know of ANY electronic dance music? Anyway, here is Pandora's list. See if you can make sense of all the blue colors.

I know that I, for one, never think of a snow day without ranking it by how much wine you could drink if you stayed home.

I felt like you wanted to see a couple more of those bad maps I shared a few weeks ago. Was I right? I thought so.

I saw something the other day that reminded me of a week-long camp that our Royal Ambassador group used to attend each summer. The camp was called Mt. Lebanon (actually, it still is). What I saw was a jar of Fireballs on a lady's desk. It reminded me of a purchase I would make at the beginning of camp week every year. We could buy a box of 100 Fireballs for $1. I checked on Amazon and found them. Here is a box with approx. same amount of candy, now over $11.

Did you ever try Pepsi Clear back in the 90s? I don't think that I did, although I do remember it becoming available. It looks like all of us may get a second chance. Will you try it this time?

I thought this was clever.

I don't have any photos today. Sorry. So, let's get straight to a Clarity of Vision.

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future. I'd better jump on board. Until next time.

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