Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On (And Off) The Road Again

I am off the road again as of last night, and I am glad. Traveling is fun, but so is getting home and sleeping in your own bed.

Where were we? We went to the annual family reunion in Central Louisiana. Well, the reunion is annual, but our participation is not. I think this was our first time to attend in five years. We had a good time, visited with family members, ate way too much, suffered through the humidity, took a few photos (way too few since I had taken my camera BUT NOT THE BATTERY, and resolved not to wait five years before going back. Here are some of us sitting around the 'fish camp' over near the Mississippi border on Bayou Louie.

And some more of us waiting on the fish to fry.

And here is where we were for the fish fry (including catfish, bream, and perch).

I will tell you about how the USGA Open plays into our weekend on another day.

I did not know that regional potato chips were so...regional. Take a look at these choices and see if they match up to those you find in your neighborhood grocery store. When were at the reunion, we did not have any of the Zapp's chips.

Do you microwave leftovers? Of course, you do. Who doesn't? Anyway, what if it could heat different foods at different levels on the same plate? What if it could keep pizza crust crunchy? That may all be coming soon to a kitchen near you thanks to Freescale Semiconductor (a spin-off of Motorola). Sounds intriguing, right? Read a tiny bit more here.

Obamacare, anyone? What do you think the Supreme Court will decide about the states without their own exchanges? I cannot imagine they will do something that would derail this health care initiative.

Which movie character would you vote for as the greatest of all time? In a poll taken by the UK Movie Group, the winner was.... No, no spoilers here. I will say that it was not Bond... James Bond. And to the sadness of SS, it was also not Fight Club’s Tyler Durden.

I am sooo far behind at work, and I have been jumping back and forth between blog writing and email reading, so I am leaving you for today. I have got to get some idea of where everything is before the 8am status call. There will be more news and fun and photos tomorrow.

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