Friday, June 05, 2015


Happy Birthday to MBH!

Here is a shot of JV checking out some ducks from a bridge near The Matterhorn.

This next looks suspiciously like SS is trying to talk JV into sharing his cookie. It looks less suspiciously like JV is not buying into it.

The new location for our team is in cubicle with 4-ft walls. So, it is hard to focus on your own work or calls without frequent distractions. Management claims this will help us meld into a more cohesive team. I saw this and was reminded of my skepticism in achieving this goal.

Not only is it the birthday of My Better Half (MBH), it is National Donut Day. Several places are offering a free donut today. Check your favorite local provider. You can read about a few of the deals here.

Hey, look at this shot. People living in TX may not be excited about the rain, but some of us in other locales are liking it.

It makes for the kind of day where you lay around like this.

This next photo is of a meal that I do not ever plan to cook. In fact, I did not read through every ingredient yet. I decided to share it for no other reason than its name intrigued me. John Wayne Casserole. It HAS to be some type of all-American meal, right?

I don't find anything you guys cannot live without. So, live with it. Until next week.

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