Thursday, June 04, 2015

Take A Spin Through My World

I made it through the whole day yesterday (11 hours worth) and came back for more. Am I feeling better? I guess we'll see. Yesterday morning, I would feel hot and the cold, so I still had a low-grade fever. Not so much this morning.

I have a couple of shots to share that I didn't take. I think MBH took the lighthouse shot and TD took the Disneyland castle one. The first is Point Vicente Lighthouse.

And this second is the way Disneyland is lighting Sleeping Beauty's Castle during it's 60th anniversary celebration.

Do you know what a marble run is? Where you put the marble at the top of a device with channels and tunnels, etc, so the marble uses gravity to follow the paths down to the bottom? Well, someone built one massive enough to have 11,000 marbles i motion at the same time. And they posted it so you and I can watch it.

We watched the first episode of Aquarius last night. It was pretty good, probably helped by the fact that we know the story of Charles Manson. One interesting fact is that NBC actually released all the episodes at the same time. They are monitoring to see how many will wait until each episode airs and how many will binge watch. They want to learn the secrets that Netflix won't tell about how many of us binge on a show. Are you watching this series? Are you going to binge on it. One nice thing about the on demand version is that the commercial breaks are only about 15 seconds each.

Speaking of saving time...

According to an article showing the 9 unhealthiest restaurant meals, the Red Lobster “Create Your Own Combination” meal is the worst with 2,710 calories. You have to get it with specific options to make it totally the worst, but I imagine it is pretty bad even with the best choices.

Ready for some Lego news? Lego Hotel? Sure, go to Florida. Actually building household furniture out of Legos? You can watch it here. Other amazing things made from Legos? Here are some of them.

Want to move to NY? Want to own a house that spins? You can, and the owner has reduced his asking price. I am not spinning a yarn. It's true.

My head is spinning with all the stuff I have to do today. So, let me get started on it. The world will spin around in a few hours and I will be back with a new blog post.

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