Friday, June 26, 2015

Are You a Blog Lover?

Are you an ice cream lover? Do you have a favorite brand? Many people swear by Ben & Jerry's. I do not eat ice cream, so maybe I would swear AT it. No, not really. Anyway, Kristin Hunt, a writer for Yahoo!, taste-tested all 41 flavors. Not to spoil the surprise, but Red Velvet Cake ranked the lowest. And I think you can guess where Vanilla landed. Nope, it was #39. Chubby Hubby landed in the 21st spot. And the winner is ... shown in the article.

Are you a pizza lover? Do you prefer a nationwide chain or a local Mom-and-Pop place? Would you go to a place where you walked down a line and chose your own ingredients, then wait while it cooks? What if it cost less than $8? Pieology is doing just that. Maybe I will hit one of their stores one day.

Are you a home-cooked food lover? I keep seeing recipes for roasting your own chickpeas and I keep thinking I should do that. I want to, really. And this version looks easy and tasty, but I probably won't do anything about it.

Are you an elevator lover? Would you still love them if they never stopped, making you have to time your entrance and exit perfectly so you don't trip or bump your head? If so, then Germany has just what you are looking for. Named after the Lord’s Prayer, about 250 “paternoster” elevators still operate in Germany. The cabins, only large enough to hold one or two people at a time, have no doors. They move up and down through the building shaft in a continuous loop, and every few seconds, another cabin comes to each floor

Are you a basketball lover? Did you know that the NBA held its 2015 draft already? Me, neither. Do you want to know how USA Today thinks each team did? Me, neither. BTW, they gave our team a B.

Are you an Apple lover? Not the fruit, the technology company. I confess I am, and that made me interested in the origin of the 'command' symbol on the keyboard. Check it out here.

Have you ever noticed my reference to CPA Cuz? Well, here he is with me at the fish camp last week. Keep him in your prayers as he undergoes treatment for liver and pancreatic cancer.

Are you a humidity lover? Or would you choose a dry heat? I prefer the latter. Which reminds me, did I mention it was hot and muggy at the reunion? Here is the son of another of my cousins showing me how he copes with the summer. I liked this shot because of him resting in the hammock, and I thought it was especially nice with the lake and the lamp in the background.

And here is another cousin showing me how to 'drop net' fish. Actually, he could still use a little practice.

Are you on Facebook and adding items to Throwback Thursday? This is tangentially related to that concept. In a surprise move (even to myself), I am going to reprint a 2009 CoV exactly as it was made back then using Microsoft Visio and not Why? It involved presidents and my inability to create believable depictions of them in the new tool. My challenge back then was that most jokes had to be delivered through words since the figures had no features.

To understand that last panel, I hope that you remember (from MeTV, maybe?) the theme song to The Jeffersons. And in the third panel, I was referring to Roosevelt famously using the term 'bully'. Back in the second panel, I was commenting on Lincoln's beard not including a mustache. Hey, I should not have to explain my comics in such detail. Ignore this paragraph, please.

Enough. I have things to do and places to go and people to see. However, I am at work already, so I'll do some of that, too. Have a great weekend.

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