Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SUGAR! And Spice

I was, like, chillaxing and vegging on Wayward Pines on TV when I came across this enticement. The Worst Mall Foods in America. Eight were listed, and Cinnabon came out as the worst. Read the full list here.

I was, like, surfing and still vegging on the TV program when I came across this oddity. How many of us haven't been searching for wall art that includes an x-ray of a gun in a bag?

I was, like, watching the finale of Hell's Kitchen and working on this blog post when I was stopped in my tracks by the opportunity to get a pizza with hot dog in the crust. Pizza Hut has been offering it in other countries already, and at last, it is our turn.

I am still watching the Hells' Kitchen finale right now, but I remembered that I had saved a story to share with y'all sometime, and now it that time. You may have seen it on Yahoo!, but I thought some of the photos in this story were really cool. Like this one of a FedEx truck painted to look like it is carrying two UPS trucks. Go look at all of them. It'll be worth your time.

Have you been missing out on getting enough sugar in your diet? Starbucks can help. Check out the sugar levels in their various Frappuccinos. The worst one contains 4X the recommended daily amount for an adult. Even the lowest contains the equivalent of 20 sugar cubes.

Do you live in Boring, MD? How about Little Hope, TX? Pretty depressing names for a hometown, right? Read the whole list of sadly named locales here.

I am not longer vegan, although I would say I still eat about 70% of the same food I ate then. But sometimes....

OK, you and I both know what time it is. So, I will stop all this frivolity and get all work-y on you,. See you soon.

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