Friday, May 29, 2015

Bible Art but No Jesus on Velvet

I have long believed that these weeks shortened by a holiday seem longer than the regular weeks. Luckily, we all made it to Friday, so enjoy it.

How good are you at being able to discern different colors? I do have a game on my phone that has you pick which of two colors is lighter called Color Run. Well, this is a web-based game, Kuku Kube, that has you look at a bunch of small squares and choose which has a different shade than the others. It sounds simple, right? Well, I haven't gotten past 11 yet before my time runs out.

I took a couple of other shots the other day at the Memorial Day presentation. Here is a closeup of the 10,000 flags spelling out "For The Fallen".

And here is the Color Guard marching in the flags during the ceremony. That is always an emotional moment.

Did you see the recent Pizza Hut ad making fun of Selfie Sticks? It is hilarious, and you should take a couple of minutes and watch it right now. It is more important than whatever you were fixing to do.

I recently saw this quote in an article about The Beatles and The Who. I thought it was funny. "The Beatles are a lot like Christianity, except that only some people get mad at you if you question Christianity."

Would you pay $13,000 for a new car? What if it was a hybrid? Autoblog claims to have seen the Chevy Volt go for as low as $13K at auction. Remember that it can only go about 37 miles on battery alone. Still interested? Read this story before you decide.

I have recently been crazy busy on my project at work. There are 4-5 project-related calls each day. Madness, I say.

If you are anything like me, then I pity you. Also, though, you are thinking that you would frequent McDonald's more frequently is if they toasted the buns. Well, let's find the nearest location and meet there.

Did you hear that Google has offered free storage of photos, videos for the whole world? It can be accessed from tablets, phones and computers. So, I decided to check out and see what it looked like. Imagine my surprise to see a whole much of my stuff already loaded and waiting, including this video. This is a screenshot of it.

Did I share this artwork entitled Exodus 16:4 on It is weird and reminds me of abstract aspen trees, but that must not be what it is. Maybe it will make more sense once you know what that Bible verse says.

Here are some others on the same site. If you HAD to pick one of these to be displayed in your house, which would you choose?

Bible verse notwithstanding, I think I would choose Sediment Rocks, with Come to Save Me as my second choice.

Well, I've got back-to-back meetings coming up, so go get your morning coffee. I will catch up with you when I can. have a good weekend. Remember that we DO have to work next Monday.


Keith said...

First you say, "If you are anything like me, then I pity you." Then you set me up with, "If you HAD to pick one of these to be displayed in your house, which would you choose?"
So, having made the same choices as you, I am to be pitied.

CrazyUncle said...

You being a man of the cloth and all, I will not respond with a Mr. T quote "I pity the fool". Instead, let me offer my condolences and promise that I will keep your secret.

Keith said...

Bless you, my