Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Old Homestead

So, all you fellow reunioners, how was your first day back at work? I survived mine, and you know what? Another workdays showed up this morning. As I have noted many times before, at least I still have a job in this day and age when so many are losing theirs.

One of the art works in Aunt Martha's house was a painting of my grandparent's home painted in 1979 (the art was painted. I don't know about the house). There were a couple of liberties taken (a missing fence, the pitch of the roof), but it came out very nice and certainly shows the place as I remember it.

While we were there, we went by and actually looked at the old homestead. See the tree in front of the house on the left side in the painting above? It has taken over the front yard, as you can see here. I stayed on the road to take these photos (since we don't know the new owners).

The place has a new name, though. It does still have the cattle guard there at the road, which I certainly remember. We played out there many a day. I Googled the name Mini Acres Farm, but nothing shows up, so it may be a personal name for the place but not a legal one.

Take a look at this next clipping from an article about great underrated adventure spots. It shows a cool looking waterfall near Flagstaff, AZ. Yeah, we went looking for that one year. It turns out that it only runs certain times of the year and only after a big rain (which makes the road out to it somewhat treacherous). As for the other places in the article, we have been to a couple of them.

And Arizona makes a second appearance in a Yahoo story this morning in saying that the Grand Canyon is on the list of America's 11 most endangered historic places. So is a tribal site near Superior. And even the Ft Worth Stockyards.

Otherwise, though, I am not finding anything fun in my scan of major web sites. While it does shorten today's blog post, it also means I can get to work-related stuff early today. A bit of a mixed blessing if you ask me...not that anyone did.

Oh. One more thing.

OK. NOW I am finished.


Keith said...

Thanks for the post and the nostalgia.

denise tucker said...

hmmm...interesting pictures of the farm, so what kind of garden grew there that you remember? a for the cool places: have been to taos, tillamook & black canyon to name a few-----the heart attack prediction always scares me as it runs so heavily in my family, only by the grace of God can people survive emotionally death of loved ones (which i think gives the severe anxiety like having an actual H.A.) kathy always looks great in her pictures, clothes of a classy lady! and yes she IS the better 1/2 in my opinion! have a great weekend------------[ciao