Monday, June 15, 2015

Want to Know Two Things I Am Not Doing?

What was I thinking? I looked at the painting below (I saw it on Houzz) and thought it could go in our gray bedroom. Thought #2 was that it was expensive, so I wouldn't buy it anyway. Thought #3 was that I could probably paint a knockoff of it if I really wanted something like that in the bedroom. Thought #4 was that thought #3 was stupid. I don't have time to even look at right now, much less think about learning how to paint and then trying to duplicate this inspiration. Thought #5 was that I have used too many thoughts on this already.

Looking for content to share, the majority of articles on Yahoo seem to be around the Game of Thrones season 5 finale. And just because of the teasers and photos, I have already learned more than I want since we haven't watched it yet. If you want to be surprised, stay away from entertainment and news sites until you finish the season.

Hey, Preacher Bro. I may have made some claims that were not completely true in the past. I think this one IS true, though. Check this Pinterest page out for some free fonts. It sure looks like the majority are free (notice how I am already fudging my claims. I can't check it again from here at work).

I am not looking to start any renovation activities at the old homestead, but this bedroom shelving unit came out nice. Check out what this enterprising dude came up with starting with the IKEA PAX system. The article says they started with a big wardrobe that kind of dominated the space, but without as much storage. This is kind of true for us. Still, not right now.

How about a quick trip into Mapland. We did live in Mexico for a while, but I didn't remember that it took up the whole continent of South America. In fact, I didn't remember it was even IN South America (hint: it's not).

This is a totally not-based-on-reality comic. This would never happen at our house. It certainly has nothing to do with me seeing a washcloth in the trash this morning.

OK, I am tired of looking for stuff to share. And I need to get a little something done before my 8am call. Let's visit again soon.

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Keith said...

Thanks for the Pinterest font link.