Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RIP Robin Williams

Did you hear that Robin Williams died? Of course you did. That's obviously a rhetorical question. Of course, everyone is salaciously awaiting the details since it appears he killed himself. In reading one article this morning, I read about a funny ad lib he did in promoting the film 'Awakenings'. When director Penny Marshall mistakenly described the film as being set in a “menstrual hospital,” instead of “mental hospital,” Williams quickly stepped in and joked, “It’s a period piece.”

Isn't digital technology amazing? They can take two dead singers and join them together to make a synthesized duet. Barbra Streisand and Elvis Presley. Oh wait a minute. It turns out that Barbra is not dead. My bad.

How would you like to learn 19 goofy things about food at the Disney parks? If you would, hop over to this link are ready away. I found some of them interesting. Can you get alcohol anywhere? What about gum? Go. Read.

Do you really get one phone call when you are arrested? I am not going to spoil it, but there are several myths from movies that may or may not be true. Read this enlightening article and we will both know the truth about igloos, kilts, and other things.

One thing that is rarely the truth (although it is often based around a truth) is the daily Clarity of Vision. I will not spoil the surprise of whether or not today's CoV is true.

Speaking of truth, can cats be trusted? Apparently, not always. Check out this cat snooping in the neighborhood of open wi-fi networks.

What is your favorite flavor of potato chips? BBQ? Salt and Vinegar? Cappuccino? Is that a thing? It is, at least for right now. There are several flavors being tested. Do any of them strike your fancy? You can see the reaction of some testers here.

Did you hear that? It's today's starting bell, so I will mosey over to the water cooler and stand around like I do everyday. Have a Terrific Tuesday.

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