Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It Was Just One Day

It was only one workday that I did not publish a blog post. I took a vacation day yesterday and did not get around to creating a blog post. Oh wait. Did anyone even notice? After the deluge of queries (not), I felt I should let you know that the boss said I should not let a vacation day go to waste, and I should use it this week before the new vacation year starts on Tuesday. So, I had a dentist appointment in the morning anyway, so I said "Sure."

I did not think of today's Clarity of Vision comic yesterday, though. It looks like I made a note about it last Thursday. Why? I think someone used the phrase either at work or on a TV program. I can't remember.

Do you like looking at old photographs of locations that you live or know well? Here is a shot of Ouray, CO, in 1901. You can easily pick out Cascade Falls in this photo from 1889. And here are a bunch of photos of Phoenix in years gone by.

Here are some shots of Camp Bird Mine (#22), Shasta Dam (#28), and other locales around 1940.

If this were a normal post, you would now be looking at more of my photos. However, it must not be because I do not have any to share. I should have loaded a few last night, but other circumstances arose.

I bet that I know something you have never wondered about. What does the moon smell like? If you guessed cheese, you would be wrong. It seems the closest earth analog is spent gunpowder. You can read what the astronauts said here.

Do you like Mythbusters? Even the segments with Kari, Grant and Tory? Well, look for some changes going forward, since they were all released from the program. Too bad. I liked them, although Jamie and Adam were always the stars.

Well, being out yesterday means I need to get going for today. How about you? Big plans for Tremendous Tuesday? Then let's get going.

1 comment:

Keith said...

Just one day?
Is this going to become a habit? One becomes two. Two becomes three...?
What about your loyal readers?
I trust you aren't sick or anything.
Looking forward to your next post.