Friday, August 08, 2014

It's Worse Than That. It's Dead, Jim

After channeling Bones from Star Trek, I will explain that the car battery finally bit the dust this morning. So, I am writing today's blog from the comfort of our couch at home. The auto parts store doesn't open until 7am. Actually, working in the den is quite appropriate given the setting of today's Clarity of Vision.

Speaking of home-kinda-stuff, when is the last time you got pizza delivered? I'm not surprised, since it seems Pizza Hut has been losing market share for almost two years. It looks like Papa John's is the next biggest competitor.

Accordian at the Super Bowl? I vote a resounding "YES". His new album is really good.

Are you SURE you would be able to tell if a food is real meat or a substitute? These people were, too. One of the products fooled them.

Speaking of eating, how about a burger with burgers instead of buns? Sounds yummy, doesn't it? Not to me.

I saw this story on the news this morning. A dude keeps an obnoxious kid from getting the apple pie he was whining to receive. Do you like it or do you disagree with his approach? I think it is pretty funny.

Sure, I often go to work with no pants on, but it is my choice. I hardly ever go to work drunk. It would be tough to do since I don't drink.

Anna and Elsa coming to Once Upon a Time? Believe it, and now there are photos to prove it. Don't know who they are? Well, your entertainment radar is Frozen, then.

OK, it is almost time to go. I will let you go so you can get through today so you can get your weekend on so you can have fun.... Go. Don't worry about me.

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