Thursday, August 14, 2014

AP-F! W2H!

Another Pre-Friday! Whoo to the Hoo! Let's jump right in.

In a break from the usual, let's load the Clarity of Vision right up front. It is something I heard on last night's Big Brother.

I remember having Duncan yo-yos when I was a little shaver (actually, even before I was a shaver. And why is that a phrase, anyway?). However, this dude can yo faster than I can even watch what he is doing. Go ahead. Watch what he is doing.

Let's see how Weird Al answers some off-the-wall questions. Now, if you checked that link out, you will know his sandwich idea. What would the resultant sandwich actually taste like? Based on the article, though, I think it is unlikely I would ever make it.

Hmm. So antiperspirants may make your underarms smell worse? Still, would you stop using them? No, me neither.

Have you watched Idiotest on GSN yet? I watched the first two episodes last night, and it has some tricky questions about the puzzles. Go watch an episode and then we'll talk.

I don't know if he does it anymore, but SS has been known to challenge members of his sales team to work in a random phrase into a call and never call attention to it. Here is a clever tribute to Robin Williams where a sportscaster works in the names of 22 of his roles into a normal sports report. No, I did not get them all.

Looking for a new car. Yahoo! lets you know which cars you should NOT buy. There is also a story saying Volts and Leaf hybrids do not have a strong residual value, so caveat emptor.

Can you believe we are already halfway through August? What's next? September? Really, though, it does seem that 2014 is flying by. So, let's take a moment and enjoy today. OK, time's up. Now, go get 'em, tiger.

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