Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's a Nice Place To Visit....

But I wouldn't want to live there. Where? Moab, Utah. Have you been there? It gets pretty hot in the summer, which is usually the time when we can visit.

In 2004, though, we stayed a couple of days in the area on our way to Ouray, CO. We were driving between locations in the area when we came across this little corral. I saw the colors behind it and made Dad pull over. I liked the dead wood of the fence, the whiteness of the rocks, contracted against the bright colors of Fall.

This is one of my favorite of the folks. They sat down to rest during our hiking and I asked them to just enjoy the park and not look at the camera.

And late that same day, I saw Dad taking a photo of Mom and took my own photo. You can see Mom up on the overlook.

Can you believe that I remembered to upload a few shots last night? Maybe it's because I wanted to make up for not giving you a blog post yesterday. No, that wasn't it, but I do feel bad. After all, it made Preacher Bro chastise me in public. Maybe I'll pay him back by sticking him in a Clarity of Vision. I would, but he never does anything funny. Anyway, it won't happen again for now because yesterday used up my last vacation day of the fiscal year. The new vacation year starts on Monday, Sept 1.

People who should NOT have uploaded a shot are the real estate agents represented in this blog. They do have some funny photos, though. Actually, though, the commentary really sets the tone. tells me that today's Clarity of Vision is my 311th one using this tool. I don't have a way to know how many I have done in total. Some were created at home. Some at work. Some using Microsoft Visio. Some with this web-based tool. So, I don;t have a single location where they all live except this blog, and I would have to count them individually to find out. They have been around since early 2009, and with maybe 180 per year, that would be... I don't know. You do the math.

Here is today's entry.

Have you ever been to Racetrack Playa in Death Valley? That's the place where the rocks have a trail behind them because they move somehow? Well, the word is no longer 'somehow'. Scientists have solved the mystery, and if you read the article, it will no longer be a mystery to you, either.

I think David Chase should NOT have told us what if he thinks Tony Soprano died.

I'm not real tall, but I'm not really short, either. I think I am "juuuust right." Anyway, I do like to have adequate leg room on airplanes. This article tells me I am just going to have to pay up if I really want to unfold on a plane. Would you pay extra for it?

I will admit it. I am a sucker for videos that show special effects. Here is another one about Game of Thrones. I find it fascinating to see the various layers of effects they apply, and how real the results are.How about you.

Remind me tomorrow to talk about Wizard Wars. Until then, have a Thankful Thursday.

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