Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Where Is the Love?

Do you remember the song 'Where is the love' by Roberta Flack? It was first popular in 1972, but has been covered by a number of groups. You can read about the song here, but that is not my point in bringing it up. I thought of it during the shower this morning because I was thinking about having to get up and go to work. I thought of the famous quote, 'Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life' (Not a Confucius quote as is widely believed. See this). My point is that I don't really look forward to going to my current job. Is it age speaking? Is the the position itself? I don't know, but I hope that those of you that still work are enjoying it like your should. That way, you are not really working, right?

Do you remember the cryptic drawing from yesterday?

I know that I remember some of the meanings, but I am not 100% confident...and I made the drawing. I know that it was planning for what to do the next day. I think the first 30 is the time from the hotel to our first destination. It looks like we need to take the 7, 8, or 9 subway. We must have planned on bagels or donuts for breakfast. Then, I am sure the boat is the ferry to Ellis Island (that's what the LS stands for). Then, we had pizza for lunch, before heading to the 9/11 memorial. I do know that the battery is an option of going to Battery Park (which we did not do). I am not sure of the shape that looks like a boot, nor of why I drew the family.

That evening, we walked around midtown Manhattan. You can see that we walked past Radio City Music Hall. The family is there in front of me.

While we were walking along 5th Ave, I noticed the Empire State Building about 15 blocks away. We did not make it all the way there.

Okay, y’all, are you ready for this one? Three words, only two ingredients: Cinnamon Roll Cobbler. Will you eat this for breakfast or for dessert? Or BOTH?

Remember that we have been seeing some inanimate objects that look like faces? How about a laughing box with a Starbucks cup in it? Does it look like a face?

Remember that we have been seeing some real-life people who look like fictional characters. I had to look at this shot more than once to decipher how the likeness was constructed.

The last two images had kind of a coffee theme hidden in them. I only noticed because I wanted some way to transition to today's Clarity of Vision, which has a wine theme all its own.

Have you considered getting rid of cable TV? I am thinking about it (I would not say I have gone as far as researching it yet). Anyway, I saw this article this morning teasing "Time to cut the cord: $95 gets you a Fire TV and free network TV in HD for life". So, for $95...one time, not per month... I could still watch all my local network shows. With the Amazon Fire TV, I would also still be able to reach Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime. Maybe it is time to look closer. Even if I add a few extra channels, it would surely still be less than the $150 per month that I pay now.

We have a couple of rooms in the house where it gets a little warm during the summer months. It would seem like a worthwhile investment to maybe just use a window unit to target just those rooms, right? But window units are big, bulky, and pretty much permanent. What if they weren't? Introducing a Kickstarter campaign for the Noria Air Conditioner. This looks very interesting, especially for TD's room.

Check out this map. Looks like a pretty roundabout way to get anywhere, doesn't it? It is the plan for a young man who wants to visit all 411 National Park Service sites in three years. So, he will go to 25 battlefields and military sites, 19 nature preserves, 129 historical spots, 112 memorials and monuments, four scenic roadways, five national rivers, 10 national seashores and more. Sound like fun? I think that's a little too much all at once. If he succeeds, he will be the youngest to do this at age 30.

It is time that I get to this work that I love so much. Well, I will admit that it does pay the bills, so I need to get it done. We've got Chorale practice tonight along with a touring group from Cal Baptist, so that should be fun, so I will hold on to that during my day. Have a Tremendous Tuesday.

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