Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I Can Answer That Question

By now, you are probably wondering if I am going to publish a blog post today. The answer is no, I will not. I am feeling ill today, so I am at home. However, I still have so many meetings today that I am working from home. My first call starts in 10 minutes, and then #2 is in 40 minutes. I have already done the prep work for both of the first two.

Years ago, there was a recurring comic in MAD Magazine where it was a person clicking between TV channels and the verbiage cleverly led to funny ends to sentences started on the prior channel. I am trying to build one of those for a Clarity of Vision comic, and my first thought was to use real quotes from Trump and Clinton. Not so easy. I like the concept, but I may end up creating my owns phrases so I can make them fit together and be funny. I do not have an estimated date on this yet.

OK, that is all for today since I am not creating a post for today. Did you forget already? See you tomorrow (I'm pretty sure).

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