Monday, May 16, 2016

OK, So I Missed One Day

Where have I been? What do you mean? I only missed one day posting a blog entry. We had the GRANDS from Thursday night through Sunday afternoon. So, while I had planned to post something on Friday, I stayed busy between the kids and a little work. And then, I never (or very rarely) post on the weekends, so I am back today.

Today is different only in that I am posting from a different desk in a different building. Here is the view from the 8th floor.

I didn't find any fun stuff in my blog search today, so I will pull from the backlog. Here is another inanimate object that looks like a face.

We also have a person who resembles a fictional character. This one should be immediately obvious to all who watch The Simpsons.

The Seattle gas station has something to say about the Smithsonian.

We also have another punny business name:

I need to unpack my boxes today, plus I need to get ready for a 10am with the C-levels, so I am outta here. I hope you had as much fun as we did over the weekend, but Monday has arrived with all its baggage, so let's get going. Have a great one.

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