Friday, April 29, 2016

Lots Of Photos, and a Few Words

My 'paintified' photos from NYC are back. Here is one of the Statue of Liberty.

And this is Freedom Tower.

If you look back at the post from Tuesday, you can see the original image and the artwork from which the style was applied.

I took a 5-shot panorama of Grand Central Station when we were there.

Have you heard that the majority of hotel rooms in NYC are smaller than most cities? Here is our room on the 22nd floor, and it is as tight as it appears. It was a nice room, though.

Here is our 'upgraded' bathroom. Sure, it was small, but we were pleased, especially compared to the room we first were given.

Why does it seem so nice? Well, here is the bathroom in our previous room. Thanks for SS for negotiating the upgrade.

The other day, I came across photos of Japanese decoys from World War II that I thought were interesting. You can see all of them here.

From the famous 'inanimate objects that looks like faces' file:

From the 'iconic movie killer put out to pasture' file:

From the 'photoshop requests' file:

Sometimes, I play some music in my headphones to block out the noises of the office. I usually choose instrumental or classical with no words so that it doesn't distract me with knowing the words and thinking about the song. Anyway, I came across this album. You can see at the bottom that it is a band led by a saxophonist. That was fine. I did wonder, though, why they chose a photo of a dude playing, NOT a sax, but a trumpet.

Have you decided how you will vote in the presidential election in November? I see all the negatives for each presumptive candidate, but see very few positives for either. I don't really want to not vote, or waste a vote on something like a Libertarian. I just don't know.

It's Friday. Yeah, baby. We are heading over to see the GRANDS tonight. Sunday night, I will be at my first Chorale concert in almost two months. I hope I can sing. Next Tuesday night, we are holding a joint practice with the women's choir from California Baptist University, so that should be fun. But that's next week. Anything else for this week? Nope. Just got to make it through a whole work day. Take care and thanks for reading, my friends.

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