Friday, April 15, 2016

Candles and City Roadwork and Clarity of Vision

I liked this 'Now Boarding' message at Virgin Atlantic. The messages are apparently created by employee Steve Freitag.

Oh, man. I forgot to load photos last night. Let me see if I have any available here at the office. OK, here's one of GRAND#3 blowing out candles at his birthday party. The figures on the cake are from a cartoon called Pet Patrol. I have never seen it, but my grandson did teach me that the names of the characters are Chase, Marshall, and .... Nope, I cannot think of any of the others.

This photo is of GRAND#2 learning to ice skate at the 30 Rockefeller Plaza ice rink. Can you think of any clever captions? Maybe 'No, you can't wait until the ice melts before you try to stand up.'

Not too long ago, the city resurfaced our street. In preparation, they first had to remove the current pavement. I knew it was happening when our entire house began to vibrate as a giant machine broke up the asphalt and spewed it into a dump truck for hauling away. I had to get a shot of that.

Today is one of those where I am not finding web content I want to share. Let's go to the stuff I saved from earlier days. We will start with someone requesting a Photoshop adjustment for one of their snapshots.

And a page from a reimagined coloring book. Reminder: MBH is not sure these are suitable for inclusion in my blog, but I find them creative, even if it is in a negative way.

Has it really been that long since we heard what the sign maker at the Seattle gas station had to say?

I've heard that, to get to this business, you have to travel a looong way. You have to go to the "Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning".

I don't know what it is about these LED-lit nighttime landscape photos that commands my attention, but they are just cool. Look at this one with the reflection in the water. Really nice.

In the likely-last of my series saying goodbye to my buddy at work, I move from the office reactions to an imagined one with his son.

I can feel the weekend waiting in the wings to get started. I had better get myself ready to embrace it and knock my remaining tasks for the week. So, I cannot sit with you any longer. Have a great one and come back next week. Please.

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