Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Chicken and China and Cans of Stuff

Would you be willing to ride a zipline? CPA Cuz went on one that has one segment almost a mile long in Puerto Rico. And for the last one, you are strapped in so you are in a prone "flying" position. Maybe he went to this place? Anyway, it sounded fun and he certainly enjoyed it.

OK, while we are up in the air, how about flying on your own jetpack? Would you be willing to do that? Well, as early as next year, and with as little as $150,000, that could cross another item off of your bucket list.

It seems that 86% of you are satisfied with Chick-Fil-A (compared to 67% with McDonald's). Did they ask you to participate in that survey? I was not included, although I would also place Chick-Fil-A over Mickey-D's. However, I would probably place Chipotle over the Chick (and the survey placed them second). Look over the whole list here.

Did you see that the USA won their World Cup match yesterday? MBH somehow got interested in the games as the ladies progressed, so we did watch the last few minutes (well, the last few for me, a lot more of it for her). Now, they move on to the Finals on Sunday against an opponent to be named after their semi-final game ends.

Yeah, we're proud to be Americans. So, let's go buy some patriotic items and display them over the Independence Day holiday.

I admit it without embarrassment. I have never been to the "Hippo Capital of Texas". Hutto is down near Austin. Anyway, read about funny town slogans from the other 49 states here.

Speaking of states, I saw this artwork in my uncle's house during the reunion. It is far a small state park in Arkansas that I remember our family used to visit when I was younger. It seems like one of my brothers and I were sleeping in a camping attachment on top of a van and we heard an animal roaming the campsite. Does that sound right to any of the rest of you?

And speaking of uncles and aunts, we were talking to an aunt about her good food and she revealed one secret to us. She said, "If you like greens, these canned ones are almost as good as homemade, and a whole lot easier." I need to see if any of my local stores stocks them, or I could also just order them off the world wide web.

No, I will not be participating in the new fad of "sunburn art". Will you? that's crazy. What will those people do next, "skin cancer cell art"?

I have filled up today's blog post, so I will stop and wait for it to drain before I share more stuff. Come back in about 24 and see if there's room for more stuff. Until then....

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