Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gabbing About Going Green and Greenery

Dad is doing very well, everyone. He experienced almost no pain and the eyepatch has been removed. He told me last night that he was watching TV and almost forgot that he had the surgery the day before. That is great news and thanks for all your prayers. We can all praise the Lord together for that.

I do enjoy the challenge of capturing nice photos. However, not so much that i want to spend the price for a full-frame DSLR (at least not yet). As you know, they say that it is really the 'glass' that makes a good camera great. Sorry for the photographer's lingo. That means good pictures can be better with a better lens. So, I found an article talking about interesting lenses. First, here is the world's most expensive lens. It sold for just over $2 million dollars.

More in my price range is one that was on sale for only $45,000 a few years ago. It has a minimum focus range of 400 ft (so whatever you want to take a picture of must be almost a football-field-and-a-half away), and is targeted for capturing those photos 18-32 miles away. Oh yeah, it weighs 200 lbs, so I would need a bigger camera case.

I do not have an Android phone with Cortana on it. Do you? If so, you might see what her response is to these various commands/comments. For example, when asked if she is beautiful, she responds, "I come from an attractive lineage of ones and zeroes. Though more from the one's side."

In China, it seems that there are occasionally bootleg copies of movies available for sale on the street. Not surprisingly, they package it up nicely to get a better price. However, they do not copy that packaging graphics and verbiage from the US version. They create new cases and art work. I am guessing they created this blurb on a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in English, but not using native English speakers.
"Jackson Pollock is the Greatest living fainter in the united states always well known what if you are a little boy, you must like the film. Become the film is very beautiful and very funny. Hope everybody can watch this film quick, since that you maybe find a different file, another world, let's go to see quickly!"

I have NOT seen Sharknado 3 yet. I know it just premiered last night, so that is my official excuse. Unofficially, I do not plan to see it. Well, maybe that is not true after reading about it for today's blog. It sounds like it has some funny stuff. Mark Cuban as the President? He IS on Shark Tank, you know.
“Nobody attacks my house. This time, it’s personal!” — Cuban, while cocking his gun and preparing to go shark hunting through the halls of the White House.

Another in the Going Green series from Clarity of Vision.

We are now in the middle of a hot summer, which makes remembering trips to cooler places a very pleasant memory. Here are the GRANDS dancing as we listen to a local band during our mini-vacay a couple of weeks ago. The girls are even wearing light jackets.

The little park area where we were listening included some landscaping, allowing me to look around for pretty flowers. I found a couple of spots that looked picturesque.

Wow, time is flying by this morning. It is already time to get to work. No more 'burning daylight'. What's today? Thrilling Thursday, my friends.

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